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ESA funds situational awareness sys for SOS villages

Canada: The European Space Agency (ESA) has funded the situational awareness system (SAS) for SOS children”s villages. The project aims to establish a satellite based system allowing timely access to geospatial information. This system provides operational information products to support SOS children”s villages in their site development, monitoring, controlling and management as well as to assist fundraising activities and to increase resource efficiency.

The latest generation of very high resolution satellite data will be applied to serve situational awareness requirements of SOS children”s villages. A GIS approach will allow further analysis, derivation and provision of sector specific information products.

The situational awareness system will focus on the following key target areas:
-Timely identification of suitable sites for construction
-Operational monitoring of construction progress
-Community development monitoring around SOS Children”s Villages
– Delivery of situational awareness information in the aftermath of crises/catastrophes

“The products will be provided by GeoVille Group in the form of digital maps and reports. The products will be easily accessible over the Internet and mobile devices for SOS staff in headquarters and in the field. GeoVille will merge satellite data with cutting edge technology for out of Europe timely children”s security monitoring”, said Christian Schleicher, SAS Project Leader.

SOS Children”s Villages is active in 133 countries. It works with disadvantaged families and their communities in order to prevent crises that can lead to family separation. Around 80,0000 children who have lost parental care are provided with a caring, loving, and secure family environment. Each year around 20 new locations for SOS Children”s Village programmes are under construction. “With the help of SAS and satellites we will be able to make more informed decisions in site selection and management. Most importantly satellite derived information will assist to react more quickly in the aftermath of natural hazards”, explained Michael Spuller, Director of the Construction Department at SOS Children”s Villages International.

“We are pleased to be working with SOS Children”s Villages and have the opportunity to demonstrate that ESA and European Earth Observation satellites can bring useful and needed information to support their important work in helping children and developing communities around the world”, said Volker Liebig, Director of ESA Earth Observation Programmes.

Source: SOS Children’s Village