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ESA enhances MIRAVI service

Paris, France: ESA added nearly 13 000 radar images to its MIRAVI service ). Now number of images are approximately 58 000. The MIRAVI service tracks ESA’s Envisat satellite around the globe, generates images from the raw data collected by its instruments and provides them online free of charge within two hours.

Until recently, MIRAVI provided optical images from Envisat’s MERIS instrument that not only afforded visitors the possibility to discover the beauty of the planet but also to witness natural events, like volcanic eruptions, in progress. To date, nearly 45 000 optical images have been made available.

With the addition of radar images from the Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar, it is now possible to observe oil spills, ice-berg calving, flooding and sea ice. The radar is able to provide unique views of these elusive events because it is able to peer through clouds and darkness – conditions often found in the polar regions – and is particularly sensitive to the smooth water surface caused by oil spills.

To enjoy the service, one can visit the MIRAVI website and either browse the very latest images by clicking on the snapshots to the left, or view a specific location by selecting an area on the world map or entering its geographic coordinates. In addition, users can search for optical or radar (mostly black and white) images or both simultaneously.

Source: ESA