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ERDAS showcases 2011 product line-up

Norcross, US

ERDAS and data partner DigitalGlobe hosted an 11 World Tour event last week at the ERDAS corporate headquarters in Norcross, Georgia.

Users from more than 20 different government, educational, and business entities registered for the event. Mladen Stojic, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, kicked off the ERDAS 2011 product showcase by sharing the ERDAS “sensor to the Internet” enterprise approach to developing products. This revolutionary approach has resulted in a comprehensive product lineup that can handle the entire geospatial workflow from beginning to end with seamless transition between steps – authoring data sets from raw data, managing extensive volumes of data, connecting users so they can share and collaborate, and delivering information to other users and organisations.

Key product demonstrations included the new imagery analysis workflows in ERDAS Imagine 2011 and the stereo visualisation and 3D capabilities that ERDAS Extensions for ArcGIS bring to the ArcGIS 10 platform.

The most demanding image analysts, including those in the defense and intelligence community, will benefit from new tools and an enhanced interface in ERDAS Imagine 2011, designed for quick and easy creation of presentation products. The improved workflow offers new report templates with elements (labels, scale bar, north arrow, coordinates, etc.) that update automatically based on the imagery loaded into the template.  Many of the standard templates include an auto-generated country map that clearly indicates the location of the imagery.

ERDAS Extensions for ArcGIS is a production suite of stereo visualisation tools that integrate seamlessly into the ArcGIS environment. Stereo visualisation enables users to view imagery in 3D, facilitating interpretation of topological features and allowing more spatially accurate feature collection than digitizing features from an orthorectified image.
Joel Campbell, President, ERDAS, said, “ERDAS designed the 11 World Tour to benefit our users, enabling them to experience the software, ask questions, and communicate their future needs. Users are the centre of everything we do at ERDAS, so every opportunity to meet with them face-to-face is also an invaluable experience for us. As they discuss trends and developments in the industry, contribute important ideas and feedback about the features that piqued their interest and features that would make their daily workflows even more productive and cost effective, they’re educating us and shaping the evolution of the ERDAS portfolio.”

Source: ERDAS