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ERDAS launches high resolution terrain module

US: ERDAS has released LPS eATE, a new module for generating high-resolution terrain information from stereo imagery. It is an integrated suite of workflow-oriented photogrammetry tools for production mapping and includes the generation of digital terrain models, orthophoto production and 3D feature extraction.

“With an increasing number of sensors delivering vast amounts of raw imagery every day, production mapping professionals need powerful tools that boost their productivity,” said Mladen Stojic, Senior Vice President, Product Management & Marketing, ERDAS. “LPS eATE incorporates a host of technology to provide high accuracy surfaces, ensuring savings in terms of overall cost and time.”

Easily scalable, LPS eATE provides a solution for both small and large terrain generation jobs. LPS eATE utilises the power of multi-core computer systems and supports parallel processing across a networked group of computers.

Source: ERDAS