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ERDAS collaborates with MDA Geospatial Services

Norcross, US: ERDAS collaborated with MDA Geospatial Services Inc. to develop pilot projects demonstrating real-world applications of RADARSAT-2 data using the IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite.

MDA is a provider of Earth observation data, information products and services and exclusive holder of distribution rights to Canada’s RADARSAT-1 and RADARSAT-2 synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites. The Canadian Space Agency partnered with MDA to develop RADARSAT-2, which is now managed and operated by MDA.  

Launched in 2007, RADARSAT-2 is an advance commercial C-band SAR satellite that offers new imaging flexibility and a faster turn-around schedule for data acquisition and product delivery. Its powerful capabilities range from high-resolution imaging and fully polarimetric data, to heightened system responsiveness and an impressive on-time imaging capacity (28 minutes/orbit).

IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite by ERDAS is a bundle of specialised modules for processing radar data within the ERDAS IMAGINE environment. These modules include IMAGINE Radar Interpreter, IMAGINE OrthoRadar, IMAGINE SAR Interferometry and IMAGINE StereoSAR DEM.

“To maximise the value of radar imagery for decision-makers, it is critical that the data suppliers and software developers work together. In that way, the software can be optimised to take advantage of the design strengths of a sophisticated sensor such as RADARSAT-2,” said Derrold Holcomb, Senior Radar Scientist, ERDAS.

William Jefferies, Chief Technical Officer, MDA Geospatial Services said, “Modern commercial SAR systems like RADARSAT-2  have tremendous capabilities that are increasingly being recognised by the user community, as advanced techniques like interferometry and polarimetry are routinely applied to a variety of applications. Software tools such as ERDAS IMAGINE allow users to exploit those capabilities and, more importantly, focus on their applications and not on the details of radar processing.”

Mexican Navy selects ERDAS APOLLO
Meanwhile, ERDAS announced that Mexican Navy is now using ERDAS APOLLO to manage and serve geospatial imagery and data in support of its national protection initiatives. After careful technical evaluation, Mexican Navy determined that ERDAS APOLLO met the needs and strategic IT requirements of the project. One of the key reasons for selecting ERDAS APOLLO was the level of integration possible, and the ability for end users to discover and access secure web services in existing applications.

However, Mexican naval officers are long time ERDAS IMAGINE (remote sensing) and LPS (photogrammetry) users, and also have deep experience in relational databases and GIS. With this level of experience in image processing and cartography, they had a very clear understanding of what was required.

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