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ERDAS appoints new distributor in Russia

Georgia, US: ERDAS announced that NAVGEOCOM is now the official distributor of ERDAS products in Russia. It specialises in topographic survey technologies and supplies GPS equipment and high-precision navigation systems. In addition to providing local market research, NAVGEOCOM also offers expertise in data sharing, enterprise and visualisation technologies.

Supporting the full portfolio of ERDAS’ products, NAVGEOCOM provides local sales and support, including technical support, individual training and software customization in Russia. The previous ERDAS distributor in the region, Data+ is now a sub-dealer, reporting to NAVGEOCOM. Andrew L. Shikholin, Director General, NAVGEOCOM, said, “For most end users, the image is much more natural then a specialised plan or symbol map. ERDAS products create a bridge to connect specialised data from different areas to various types of end users (our customers).”

Thomas Bayer, Vice President EMEA, ERDAS, said, “NAVGEOCOM provides local market reach for our remote sensing, photogrammetry and data sharing solutions, ensuring the most comprehensive support of our products and services throughout the country.”

Source:  ERDAS