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ERDAS APOLLO to manage data for e-Commerce website

Huntsville, US: Intergraph announced that Dotka Data in the Netherlands selected ERDAS APOLLO to manage its data in conjunction with an exciting new e-commerce project. Dotka Data maintains a large and growing collection of historical aerial photography and maps, reflecting more than 200 years of history in the Netherlands. The collection includes topographic maps from as far back as 1798, and aerial photographs taken for topological purposes from 1932 to current day. Due to the age and breadth of the information in the collection, it offers a unique perspective on major changes and events such as the development of the Netherlands’ many polders, World War II and the post-war reconstruction and the urban expansion of the 1970s.

Dotka is working with the Dutch newspaper AD to offer its readers a new, interesting opportunity to view history on a more personal level – with current and 50-year old aerial photographs of their own homes. In April and May, customers who maintain a subscription or purchase three newspapers will be granted access to a website enabling them to geocode their addresses to locate the relevant imagery, zoom in and out to view the details of their home and surrounding geography and order a free set of aerial images of their homes from 1960 and 2011. Historical maps from 1880-1930 and a 1980 aerial photograph will be made available for purchase in addition to the free items. As of today, Dotka extends the AD project into a permanent offering with the advent of the Dotka Shop (https://shop.dotka.nl/?language=en#!).

While ERDAS APOLLO is a renowned market-leading enterprise solution for managing and delivering geospatial data and imagery, in this instance it is also being leveraged as a commercial front-end application. Dotka is using ERDAS APOLLO to support this initiative and ultimately the Dotka Shop, cataloguing up to 60 terabytes of aerial photographs and maps from 1798 to present and delivering imagery to the e-commerce website upon request. An interoperable OGC/ISO based solution, ERDAS APOLLO easily delivers feature data, terrain and virtually any digital object in an enterprise. Additionally, it consistently delivers more data, faster and with less hardware than competing image-serving products. Through the special AD website created for this campaign, the multitude of AD subscribers will interact with the ERDAS APOLLO catalogue. ERDAS APOLLO will send previews of the data to the website using WMS, and through WCS to collect the full high-resolution image to send to the printing shop.

“After ten years of hard work collecting, digitizing and geocoding the historical content of Dutch Kadaster, it is great to see it culminate in the Dotka Shop,” said Wouter Brokx, Co-founder, Dotka Data. “Now, everyone can view and order the images from their homes, and travel through time with this one-of-a-kind view of historical events, landscapes and developments.” Brokx Continues, “With the power of ERDAS APOLLO supporting our e-commerce websites, we can generate more business and focus on new content and features for our customers.”

The ERDAS APOLLO e-commerce platform is also available as a cloud service to other data providers around the world. Speaking of this unique offering, Brokx commented, “Just add your data, apply your company template and generate business in the consumer market. You can benefit from the experience of the two successful shop implementations in the Netherlands and leverage this service to start generating business tomorrow with your own data.”

Source: Intergraph