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ER Mapper opens office at Houston

Houston, USA, 20 May 2007: ER Mapper has opened an office in Houston to address the growing number of Oil and Gas companies needing to manage and access large amounts of imagery.

Mick Armstrong, who used to be ER Mapper’s EAME Regional Manager, will be leading the office. Mick commented, “The move to Houston is an exciting challenge, not least of which is driving on the wrong side of the road! The Oil industry is currently drowning in image data and ER Mapper’s Image Web Server solutions provide an immediate life-line. We have a comprehensive framework of solutions that can be tailored to any clients needs. I’m in the process of contacting all our clients to explain about recent developments.”

ER Mapper is known for its image processing software for server-side enterprise imagery deployment solutions. Centred on ER Mapper’s Image Web Server, these solutions are now being deployed in major organizations such as Shell Exploration and Production.