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ER Mapper launches educational site license program

Educational institutions now have unlimited access to ER Mapper’s geospatial imagery technology with a new site license program. ER Mapper’s Educational Site License Program provides unlimited access to ER Mapper technologies, in and out of the classroom, for one low-cost subscription fee.

Recognized educational institutions can install as many copies of the ER Mapper suite of products on their computers as required. The unlimited access subscription fee is around the same price as one commercial copy of the ER Mapper application. Departments throughout an institution can also opt to share the cost of the subscription. The Site License program lets students and lecturers install ER Mapper applications on their personal computers.

Geospatial imagery applications can be used in many different departments within a single institution. The site license program accommodates this as different departments can share the cost of the program. The site license program provides unlimited access to:

– ER Mapper application.
– Image Web Server.
– RightWebMap integration tool.
– Application Plug-ins (e.g. AutoCAD(r), ESRI(r), etc).
– ECW JPEG 2000 Software Development Kit.