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ER Mapper Image Web Server 8.1 released

San Diego, USA, 10 May 2007: ER Mapper announced the release of Image Web Server version 8.1. The latest release is adds new Web 2.0 functionality as well as enhanced ESRI product support. ER Mapper Image Web Server is an application specifically designed to make geospatial imagery more accessible. Image Web Server has the capability to manage and deliver thousands of gigabytes of imagery to thousands of concurrent users at unparalleled speeds. Image Web Server works in tandem with GIS systems to provide faster access to a complete geospatial information picture.

Enhanced Web 2.0 functionality in Image Web Server 8.1 provides a major benefit to organizations that want to offer spatial information to the general public. With only a web browser, Web 2.0 provides users with a real-time, interactive experience when viewing even the largest imagery. The new Web 2.0 functionality lets users access raster imagery, as well as transparent vector images to augment the image data.

Guy Perkins, CEO of ER Mapper said, “The Web 2.0 enhancements provide a rich-user experience without requiring users to download additional software. This makes it an ideal solution for high-demand public applications, where it isn’t practical for users to install additional software. The French National Geographic Institute and Sensis Australia have both used this technology successfully in deploying their cutting-edge public information sites.”

Image Web Server supports numerous image serving protocols including OGC WMS, HTTP and ECWP. Image Web Server can effectively masquerade as an ESRI ArcIMS server. Image Web Server 8.1 supports reprojection-on-the-fly as well as grouping layers for the ArcXML, ArcIMS protocol. For more information please visit www.ermapper.com.