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ER Mapper and Image Web Server set record for the world’s largest image over Internet

Earth Resource Mapping has recently completed a World Geocover Mosaic from Landsat satellite imagery. It is thought to be the world’s largest image served over the Internet, and the largest image of the Earth. Over 600 separate images, each a mosaic of about 10 to 15 Landsat TM scenes, totaling two terabytes of imagery, was mosaicked and compressed using a pre-release version of ER Mapper 6.4.

The final mosaic covers almost the entire landmass of the planet Earth at 30 meter resolution. The image measures 1.4 million pixels wide by half a million pixels high. The 2 Terabytes of raw data has been compressed to an ECW (Enhanced Compression Wavelet) file that is 26 Gigabytes in size – a compression ratio of 80:1.

Compression was performed using ER Mapper 6.4, which is shipping this month. Compression of this 2TB world mosaic was made possible by new features in ER Mapper 6.4, including an enhanced compression engine allowing for faster compression of very large mosaics.

“Whilst Geoscientists will be interested in the image due to the ability to differentiate rock types, urban areas, salt scald, fires, water and vegetation, the image also offers exciting prospects for the casual user. The high resolution of the image means that river deltas, river networks, mountain ranges, volcanoes and other landmarks can easily be detected,” said Harold McMahon, Senior Image Analyst.

The image can be viewed on the web, using Earth Resource Mappings Image Web Server technology.