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Epson teams with Geodetics for inertial navigation systems

US: Epson Electronics America (EEA) has announced a strategic partnership with Geodetics Incorporated of San Diego, California for production of a new variant of the Geo-iNAV product to enhance each other's customer reach, sales channels, products and technology. Geo-iNAV is a fully-integrated GPS-aided inertial navigation system that provides real-time, high-precision positioning and navigation for manned and unmanned air, sea and ground vehicles.

"Geodetics has the high-precision navigation expertise necessary to integrate IMU and GPS technologies, producing Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) that meet the performance requirements of very demanding applications. The combined solution, called Geo-iNAV Tactical, is a cost-effective, tactical-grade INS in a compact package with no EAR or ITAR export control restrictions," says David Gaber, EEA's IMU Product line manager. With recent advances in unmanned vehicle technologies, the GNSS ecosystem has expanded to support mission-critical applications, which require more accurate navigation. Geo-iNAV Tactical delivers this capability with features to support reliable and precise navigation with a low SWaP (size, weight and power) profile for autonomous vehicles and payloads on manned vehicles.

Source: Ciol