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EPA Taiwan uses g-tech to combat illegal dumping

Taiwan: The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Taiwan, established an Illegal Dumping Management System, which uses GPS on garbage trucks, security cameras on waste treatment facilities and satellite remote sensing technologies to combat illegal dumping.

Wu Tien-chi, Director-General of Department of Waste Management, Taiwan, explained, “An information system for illegal dumping sites was set up in 2004 for environmental police units and local governmental agencies to report such sites and for the public to query where the locations of the sites. But still, cases of illegal dumping continued, such as aluminium waste slag found illegally dumped near Highway No. 61 in Greater Kaoshiung last year.”

The updated system integrates new monitoring technologies to provide precise information on the existing sites and to help prevent illegal dumping using strict surveillance devices. “The system is open to the public, environmental protection bureaus and judicial agencies to respond as quick as possible,” Wu said.

Source: www.taipeitimes.com