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Eos PhotoModeler used for accident documentation in Massachusetts

Eos Systems, the maker of the photogrammetry software PhotoModeler, announced the Massachusetts State Polices decision to use PhotoModeler as part of the standard technology for accident scene documentation and reconstruction in all facilities statewide. The new procedures, expected to start this fall and be fully implemented by years end, were proposed with the intention of shortening highway closure time and reducing the risk of secondary accidents during these closures.

The Massachusetts Highway Department has earmarked $357,000 in federal grant money for the implementation of photogrammetric technology throughout the state police force. This includes equipping troopers of Massachusetts State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section with digital cameras and furnishing district offices with the desktop modeling software, plus training from Eos Systems. By taking digital photographs of crash scenes, police will be able to perform many time-consuming measurements and calculations in the office, rather than on the highway. For major accidents, the on-scene investigation time is expected to drop from two to three hours to about 60 to 90 minutes.