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EOMAP leads EU project for freshwater monitoring via RS

Rotterdam: The European Union has launched an ambitious project for freshwater monitoring across the union via remote sensing technology. EOMAP of Germany, which is a leading coordinator in the project, says the multi-million euro project is to check total suspended particle matter in water.

EOMAP Chief Executive Officer Dr Thomas Heege, who was speaking at the session on ‘Water — Resources and Water’ at the Geospatial World Forum 2013, explained how remote sensing technology can be used to monitor water quality, turbidity and water depth etc besides activities like dredging and floor motoring. Among other projects, EOMAP has used satellite imagery to study the impact of dams at Mekong Transnational System in Vietnam and used spatial view for turbidity checking, construction of riverways and water ways planning and dredging for a 100-million euro project along the Elbe river in Germany. The benefit of this technology is this is near real time, multi scale, transnational, cost effective and has long term reliability.

Source: Our Correspondent

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