EOMAP launches satellite-based water quality monitoring service

EOMAP launches satellite-based water quality monitoring service


Germany: Aquatic remote sensing solutions provider, EOMAP, has launched a harmonised, high-resolution monitoring service for inland and coastal waters. Government users and private sector entities will have direct online access to the water quality information through the eoApp Web application.

A fleet of satellite sensors provide the data, and the base product suite includes water quality parameters —turbidity, chlorophyll concentrations and organic/inorganic components — delivered and displayed in digital map form. The products and services are inter-comparable and independent, withut the need for any ground truth data.

“This new capability will significantly improve the comprehensive overview of inland water bodies. The temporal sampling rate and the spatial coverage provide relevant information which can substantially support the assessment of surface waters under the Water Framework Directive. The possibility to use detailed time series going back as far as 30 years in time is expected to provide a new and much more detailed view on long term trends of water quality especially for the large number of water bodies which were not or only partly covered by the monitoring programs in the past."

Dr. Jens Arle, Federal Environmental Agency of Germany (UBA)

Source: EOMAP