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EOMAP launches online bathymetry store

US: EOMAP has released a commercial online store for global shallow-water bathymetry derived from satellite data. The store, EOStore Bathymetry, provides access to search for and request high-quality data.

According to EOMAP, satellite-derived bathymetry (SDB) is now established as a valuable tool for the surveying, planning and management of coastal and offshore sites. SDB can provide shallow-water bathymetric data worldwide without the need for a physical presence in the area of interest.

“The EOStore Bathymetry allows every coastal engineer, modeller or surveyor to rapidly access up-to-date shallow water bathymetric data,” said Knut Hartmann, COO of EOMAP. “It enables you to get the bathymetry data you need — even data you could otherwise not get — so you can plan and execute projects accurately, effectively lowering the project risk level.”

EOMAP developed the bathymetry store in response to industry feedback, the company said.

“The demand for bathymetry data in shallow waters is increasing significantly,” Hartmann said. “What industry told us at our first conference on satellite-derived bathymetry, in June 2018, was that they needed to understand the global feasibility of SDB methods and ways to search for and request the data. Thus, we’ve created the EOStore Bathymetry, which allows users to get worldwide shallow-water bathymetry data quickly and easily at a fraction of the price of traditional surveys.”

According to EOMAP, EOStore Bathymetry offers different horizontal spatial resolutions of the bathymetric grid of 2 to 15 meters. This makes it flexible and fit for purpose for surveying, as well as for but also for planning and modeling purposes, the company added.