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Envitia releases MapRite Capture Tool 1.1

USA: Envitia, provider of GIS solutions, has released MapRite Capture Tool version 1.1. Envitia’s MapRite Capture Tool 1.1 enhances its automated facility for the generation of BLPU (Basic Land and Property Unit) boundaries, with a built-in feature to maintain the dataset as additional Change Only Update map data is applied, providing critical impact analysis.

MapRite Capture Tool automatically generates the polygon extents with associated TOIDs (Topographic Identifiers) and associated confidence levels. This latest version contains several additional components as,

• Continuous BLPU maintenance and update process
• Automated update of historic BLPU datasets
• Sophisticated property allocation
• Enhanced metadata for export in preparation for INSPIRE
• Direct comparison with the latest imagery layers
• Adoption of the parent/child rules of BS7666

A major development claimed is the incorporation of an automated maintenance utility. The software will highlight to the user only the new and changed property boundaries, whilst updating the TOID cross references from the base map.

Many organisations have already captured the property boundary dataset; the new version of the software incorporates a function that allows the user to import their legacy polygons, cross reference the polygons with the associated TOIDs, then utilise the automated maintenance facility.