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Envitia bags LPS Contract in N Ireland

MapRite-screenshotUK, September 12, 2014: Land & Property Services (LPS), Northern Ireland, have chosen Envitia and its MapRite product to enable the automatic alignment of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) field boundary and ineligible area polygons to positionally improved OSNI largescale vector mapping.

The work will ultimately allow DARD to continue to offer landowners and farmers with a reliable and current map from which they can make accurate declarations for EU area-based aid schemes.

Rachel McKane MIT Manager, LPS said “MapRite was chosen as the preferred solution, as it met all the requirements. Its ability to automate a labour intensive manual process contributed to substantial time and cost efficiencies.”

Dr Sarah Cole, Account Manager, Envitia said, “We are delighted to have been selected to help with this important project, which is vital to farmer and landowners across Northern Ireland.”

MapRite is the market-leading positional improvement software based upon established technology proven in over 140 organisations, including Local Authorities, Utilities and Central Government organisations for the automated re-alignment of assets.

Source: Envitia