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Envista Launches Breakthrough Solution for Infrastructure Project Coordination

BEVERLY, Mass., May 6, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) — Envista Corporation today unveiled its web-based Envista solution for infrastructure project coordination among multiple infrastructure stakeholders. Envista’s groundbreaking technology introduces map-driven, real-time sharing of construction and maintenance project schedules among municipalities, utilities, and highway agencies. Envista’s “Software as a Service” allows project leaders to view projects on a map, and see what work is planned in a specific geographic location during a particular time period. This new capability enables stakeholders to instantly troubleshoot potential conflicts. Envista pioneers a wide range of features including automatic geo-location of projects on a map, instant identification of conflicts, integrated communication among project owners, management dashboard views, and more. Using the Internet and a standard browser, annual subscribers have a convenient, centralized way to exchange planning schedules with all stakeholders. A three-minute product demonstration can be viewed at www.envista.com

With concerns about public infrastructure at an all-time high, Envista provides the first technology solution to leverage the limited budgets of stakeholders with better planning, more efficient operations, and reduced paving costs. Crisscrossing the U.S. are 2.4 million miles of paved roads, 2.3 million miles of gas pipeline, and 2.1 million miles of water pipeline. Industry experts estimate the renewal of these systems will require an investment of more than $1 trillion in the coming decades. With so many aging systems requiring immediate attention, lack of coordination among stakeholders is costly to the Public and the organizations managing infrastructure renewal.

“How often have you seen a newly paved road in your town being excavated for maintenance work?” asks Envista CEO Rick Fiery. “This happens because project information is not easily shared. Built infrastructure systems are complex and interdependent and, until now, there have been no automated methods to help multiple project owners work together efficiently.” Fiery continues, “Advances in technology have made it possible for Envista to tackle the huge problem of infrastructure coordination. We have integrated three technologies to create this innovative solution: internet mapping, geospatial database capabilities, and Web 2.0 technologies. Envista is a timely remedy to streamline collaboration in the infrastructure community.”

Provides Bird’s Eye View of Infrastructure Projects
The Envista Projects screen displays infrastructure projects on a map, which are represented by icons in industry standard colors. Key players can also see the projects of other stakeholders in their region such as a state highway agency, utility companies, or public works departments. The user can view a spreadsheet listing of all projects as well. Users can filter the information shown on the map and the spreadsheet using options such as geography, project type, and date range.

All maps can be navigated by address search, by various zoom features, and by using the cursor to “drag” the map to the desired location. Users can select an infrastructure project to see details such as dates and project owner contact information. If you click on a project in the spreadsheet, the map automatically centers on the project location.

Identifies Conflicts Automatically
A major benefit of Envista is its ability to identify potential project conflicts. On the Conflicts screen, Envista automatically flags projects that conflict geographically on the map, and also denotes conflicts in the corresponding spreadsheet. Users simply select the conflict on the map to review conflicting project details, then determine whether a conflict is an issue for their projects.

Envista ushers in a new level of communications for all key stakeholders working in same geographic area. A project owner’s email is displayed prominently with each project listing. When a conflict is spotted and needs resolution, a user can email the project owner directly from the Conflicts screen. Envista also automatically generates an email that contains the project details. The system tracks all emails sent and received.

Reveals Both Moratoriums and Opportunities
Many municipalities protect newly paved streets with moratoriums on digging (sometimes called “guarantees”) lasting as long as five to ten years. Envista can capture moratorium information, and share it with interested stakeholders who may be unaware of a moratorium that will limit their operations or project plans. Envista flags moratoriums in map view and stores the start and end dates of the moratorium. It also automatically creates a moratorium on any newly completed street paving.

Envista’s “intelligent” technology reveals strategic opportunities for infrastructure stakeholders. Opportunities are streets where paving is planned. Envista’s Opportunities feature enables municipalities to regain control of their streets, and helps utility companies to optimize their construction planning process. Envista displays these streets so utility companies will not miss an opportunity to market to new customers or to complete work before a street goes under moratorium.

Requires No IT Investment, Provides 24 x 7 Access
The Envista solution only requires Internet access and a standard web browser. To get started, project information such as location, project type, start date, end date, and contact information is uploaded to Envista. Enterprises with GIS or work order management systems can also link their data directly to Envista for real-time project updates. Envista’s application is hosted remotely at a high security data center with systematic backups.