Environmental Data Cloud Won Cloud Computing & IoT Innovation Award 2016

Environmental Data Cloud Won Cloud Computing & IoT Innovation Award 2016


Please add your content hereImplemented by the team formed by Environment Protection Administration Taiwan and Supergeo Project Team, the long-term government project “Environmental and Natural Resources Data Cloud integrated platform (shorten as “Environment Data Cloud”)” won Cloud Computing & IoT Innovation Award 2016.

This award is given by Cloud Computing Association in Taiwan and it aims to recognize companies and government units that have excellent result in developing or applying innovative cloud computing technology. The competition of 2016 was separated into two categories: one was for technology innovation from private companies; another was for applications of government units. In the government group, the jury judged nominations from three different aspects to decide the winner, including the innovation, the wideness, and the technical difficulties of the project. After comprehensive evaluation, Environment Data Cloud is selected as one of six final awardees.

As one of biggest government cloud platforms in Taiwan, Environmental Data Cloud is composed of four data services platforms and a data integration service platform. The goal is to integrate all environment-related data in different government units and build central platform for data exchange. By building such platforms, this project not only promoted data sharing between different government units but also released numerous data for private companies and individuals to utilize. Furthermore, it also built a database called ERDB to gather historical environment data for researches and analyses. Now, the result of Environment Data Cloud is already fruitful, including:

  1. Integrate over 1,600 data sets and 7.3 million times of data transmission from different government units.
  2. Release 960 data sets as open data and result in over 40 value-added cases from private companies, includes the weather App of ASUS.
  3. Develop i-Environment web portal and Environment Info Push App, helping citizens to get needed information easily.

By receiving this award, Supergeo believes that it not only means the efforts of EPA and Supergeo Project Team is approved but also shows the capability of Supergeo to integrate latest information technology.


The application of Environment Cloud– i-Environment web portal:

Search historical environment data with ERDB: