Environment monitoring begins

Environment monitoring begins


Thiruvananthapuram, India, September 26, 2007: The Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) has taken up a State-wide environment monitoring programme to keep a strict tab on pollution of air, soil and water sources.

The project is expected to generate data for corrective action including legislation to check pollution. The monitoring of water resources has already commenced. The first phase of the programme has been taken up in the Kabani, Periyar and Neyyar basins re presenting three distinct agro -climatic regions of the State. The project involves complete chemical and biological analysis of surface and ground water samples collected from the three regions. Test stations will be set up at the river basins for periodic monitoring.

Officials at the KSCSTE said the aim is to prepare GIS survey maps on the soil and water resources in the target areas. The maps are expected to become key tools for decision-making on environmental issues. The air monitoring programme is scheduled to begin next year.

The council will equip college laboratories with modern testing equipment for analysis of samples. Sources said the project would also provide scientific exposure to teachers and students. The data generated by the monitoring of the three key natural resources would be included in the annual report on the State of the Environment in Kerala, published by the council.