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Environment Canada wins Award of Excellence in GIS

Toronto, Canada:  Environment Canada won the Award of Excellence in GIS for their outstanding use of technology, from ESRI Canada. Proper protection of the environment requires constant monitoring of land, sea and air conditions besides human activity that has an impact on the environment.

For the purpose, Environment Canada built an enterprise Web mapping system based on ESRI’s geographic information system (GIS) that has centralized data and mapping applications across the organization.

“We deal with increasingly complex and changing environmental issues that require a diverse set of sciences and collaborative solutions,” says Alex Miller, president, ESRI Canada. “Web mapping is a cost-effective way for communicating critical information timely to a broad audience. While Environment Canada has been leveraging this successfully for years, they’ve taken it to a new level by integrating their numerous mapping applications into one system.  It’s an intelligent approach to information management that will allow them to deliver better, more consistent and faster services.”

“Getting information timely into the hands of the public and scientists around the world is a priority we’ve been able to meet effectively using Web mapping,” says Terry Simmons, manager, Corporate Services Branch, Environment Canada. “We recognized that we could provide even more efficient services by shifting towards an integrated enterprise Web mapping system. Now, we can easily re-use what we have to create new applications that can help the public make informed decisions about the environment. ESRI technology is one of the key building blocks in our enterprise architecture and it’s opened up new opportunities for us to take advantage of emerging technology. We’re really excited about the potential applications we can build using GIS in the future.”

Source: GIS Lounge & Esri Canada