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Environics Analytics and ESRI Canada announce partnership

Recently ESRI Canada and Environics Analytics announced a partnership where ESRI Canada will provide Environics Analytics’ PRIZM CE data, as well as current and projected demographics and household expenditure data for 2006, as a part of their business solutions for Canadian organizations. Environics Analytics Group Inc. is a Toronto-based marketing services company that specializes in geodemographics-based cluster analysis, site evaluation modeling and custom analytics. PRIZM CE is a consumer segmentation system that classifies Canadians into one of 66 lifestyle types. The Environics system is a Canadian clustering model that links geodemographics to psychographics, incorporating social value data with demographics and product preferences to explain consumer behaviour. Combined with ESRI Canada’s GIS solution, Canadian organizations will have access to a complete solution for targeting Canadian consumers.

Environics Analytics’ PRIZM CE targets Canadian consumers using a cluster analysis of 2001 census demographics and extensive survey data on how Canadians spend their time and money. The system can be used to improve the execution of many business strategies: customer profiling and acquisition, cross-selling and site selection, strategic planning, and media buying. It has wide application for marketers in a variety of industries, including financial services, packaged goods, retail, telecommunications, government agencies, not-for-profits, media, and automotive industries. GIS enables organizations to go beyond standard business data analysis by offering tools to integrate, view, and analyze geodemographic data. Using GIS organizations can easily see the PRIZM CE data in a spatial context, allowing organizations to make faster and more informed business decisions based on this integrated view of the data.

In creating and describing the 66 PRIZM CE segments, Environics Analytics also tapped a number of authoritative data resources, including Statistics Canada for census data, the Print Measurement Bureau and BBM Canada (RTS) for media behaviour and product preferences, Canadian Financial Monitor for financial behaviour, and Environics Research for social values and vehicle ownership data. In addition, clients can select names from both InfoCanada and Cornerstone’s lists of Canadian households, according to their PRIZM CE lifestyle type, for direct marketing programs.