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Enview releases SaaS for its powerful 3D Geospatial AI

Photo: prnewswire.com

Enview, the UK-based proprietary technology company, has been deployed at TRL 9 for Fortune 500 companies for automated 3D mapping of terrain, buildings, vegetation, and infrastructure. The company uses artificial intelligence, 3D computer vision, and scalable high-performance computing to automatically analyze 3D data at unprecedented speed and scale.

This month, Enview will release an invitation-only SaaS offering that enables the visualization of the massive amounts of data Enview is able to process. For the public sector, this is one step towards enabling access to Tactical Organic Geospatial Analysis to enhance theater-level decision-making.

“Enview’s platform empowers operational end-users to easily virtualize the physical world and derive automated insights that enhance a variety of missions, including route planning, off-road mobility, and urban mapping,” said Enview CEO and Co-founder San Gunawardana.

Company accelerates hiring to meet public sector demands

Funding will also be used to accelerate hiring of various positions across the company to meet public and private sector demand. This includes engineering support for data science, machine learning, and full stack web development, as well as numerous other roles across product, marketing, and sales.