ENVI 4.4 released

ENVI 4.4 released


Boulder, USA, November 16, 2007: ITT Visual Information Solutions (ITT VIS), a wholly owned subsidiary of ITT Corporation, announced a new release of ENVI, software for processing geospatial images.

The ENVI 4.4 release includes:

  • Automated workflow tools for easier image processing
  • New technology to find objects in images concealed by vegetation
  • Support for ENVI’s new Feature Extraction Module and ENVI NITF Module enhancements
  • Enhancements and additions to ENVI’s optional Zoom interface
  • New visualization tools and enhanced vector support.

    “With the growing use of satellite and airborne imagery across a broader range of industries, it is essential that we continue to not only provide leading edge image processing technologies but also improve productivity through the automation of workflows,” said Richard Cooke, president and COO of ITT Visual Information Solutions. “ENVI 4.4 introduces new functionality that supports our long term goal to deliver best in class image processing capabilities that are also easily accessed and performed by image analysts with a wide range of experience.”

    Automated workflow tools – SPEAR Tools

    ENVI 4.4 improves the image processing workflow with functionality that allows image analysts to perform basic and advanced image processing routines easily and quickly. This ENVI release introduces SPEAR Tools, a robust set of wizard-based workflows that greatly reduce the number of steps it takes to get the information needed from geospatial imagery. These tools include automated processes for spatial and temporal change detection, pan-sharpening images, terrain categorization, and more.

    Advanced image processing capabilities – Vegetation Suppression

    ENVI 4.4 delivers more of the advanced image processing capabilities that make ENVI the choice of research and image scientists worldwide. The new Vegetation Suppression feature allows image analysts to visually remove vegetation from an image in order to see what is concealed by the vegetation, such as geologic and urban features and vehicles or other objects of interest.

    ENVI add-on module support and enhancements

    ENVI 4.4 provides support for the new ENVI Feature Extraction Module, an add-on module to ENVI that allows analysts to quickly, easily, and accurately find and identify features of interest in high-resolution geospatial imagery. In addition, ENVI 4.4 also supports enhancements to the ENVI Certified NITF Module and the new ENVI Certified NITF Module with TFRD. These two NITF modules support file and data formats specific to government and military applications.

    ENVI optional Zoom interface enhancements

    Enhancements to ENVI’s optional Zoom interface now make common vector layer tasks, such as importing, editing, and exporting, faster and more convenient. ENVI 4.4 also delivers additional visualization tools in Zoom to increase workflow efficiency and make common image processing tasks easier and more intuitive.