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ENVI 4.3 launched by ITT Visual Information Solutions, provides support for CARTOSAT-1 data

Boulder, Colorado, USA, 8 September 2006: ITT Visual Information Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of ITT Corporation has announced the release of ENVI 4.3, the latest version of its image processing and analysis software with new image viewing interface, called ENVI Zoom.

ENVI Zoom interface gives users who are familiar with WindowsR-based applications, an intuitive interface for viewing images and detecting anomalies, and in the near future for accessing ENVI’s suite of image exploitation tools. ENVI 4.3 also includes the Intelligent Digitizer, a new tool that automates the process of digitizing linear features in geospatial images. In addition, this release provides new features to support the latest aerial camera and push broom sensor technologies, a powerful, leading-edge image classification method, an integrated tool for automated anomaly detection, and support for CARTOSAT-1 data. Extensive updates for the ENVI Certified NITF Module are also being released concurrently with the release of ENVI 4.3.

Matthew Wood, Director of Product Marketing for ITT Visual Information Solutions said, “This release expands ENVI’s robust suite of image analysis tools and data format support and offers new features designed specifically for imagery analysts, including linear feature extraction capability, anomaly detection, and a preview of a new interface that will be a platform for future ENVI developments.”

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