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Enterprise mashup for location intelligence released

USA: Monitor Analytics and Clearway Technology Partners Inc. announced the release of Monitor Analytics GeoAnalyzer, a new Enterprise mashup for Location Intelligence built with Silverlight and Microsoft Virtual Earth.

Monitor Analytics GeoAnalyzer allows organisations to leverage the investments already made in collecting and managing vast amounts of corporate data and Microsoft technology. It is available as a Microsoft SharePoint web part and its key features include an ability to connect to Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services OLAP cubes and SQL Server Relational Database as data sources to map on Microsoft Virtual Earth. GeoAnalyzer is built with Silverlight technology giving enhanced visuaisation.

“Organisations large and small collect tremendous amounts of data about their interactions with customers, partners and suppliers. The geographic element of this data is critical to better understand business performance and to gain competitive advantage”, said Raheel Retiwalla, Vice President of Information Management for Clearway. “However, most users use a spreadsheet as their primary tool to analyze geographically oriented data when a map is better suited for that purpose. GeoAnalyzer allows users to visually see and analyse corporate data on a map, exposing patterns and trends across geographies while making it easy to spot correlations across geographic boundaries. For locations of interest, GeoAnalyzer provides the ability for users to slice and dice the data right on the map. The result is location data converted to location intelligence in a fraction of the time as compared to traditional tools like pivot tables and grids.”

“Clearway is proud to be a launch sponsor of GeoAnalyzer,” said Gene Rodgers, President of Clearway Technology Partners. “Early client reaction has been very enthusiastic regarding both the visualization of information and the value proposition. GeoAnalyzer is expected to drive significant revenue for Clearway’s business intelligence practice.”