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Enterprise GIS supports Bay Area Air Quality Management District in US

ESRI and business partner Farallon Geographics have announced the completion of an enterprise GIS application for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) in US. The district is responsible for maintaining air quality standards in the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties in California. The enterprise GIS will support the district’s Community Air Risk Evaluation (CARE) program by allowing collection, integration, and analysis of large volumes of data and subsequent visualization for communication with stakeholders.

BAAQMD’s GIS technology allows detailed and efficient air quality analysis to be performed quickly and displayed on maps that are easy to understand. The CARE mission is to improve toxic air contaminants (TAC) monitoring, determine TAC-related health risk threats, and develop targeted contaminants reduction campaigns. With GIS, the CARE staff has a simple way to quickly understand large volumes of data including census demographics, point-of-interest sites, health care records, TAC levels, weather patterns, and point source data. The goal of an enterprise GIS is the integration of spatial data and analysis in the business processes and workflows of organizations to efficiently support core business needs.. Farallon Geographics based in US provides planning, implementation, and integration of GIS systems and software to support mission-critical business functions.