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Enmapp uses Eos receivers for pipeline data collection

US: Pipeline services company, Enmapp, has replaced its GPS handhelds with TerraGo Edge and Eos receivers. TerraGo Edge is a GPS data collection platform, which integrates with the Eos Arrow series of GNSS receivers to bring advanced sub-meter and centimeter real-time accuracy to smartphones and tablet.

Enmapp provides data collection services to energy companies for pipeline construction and maintenance. Prior to TerraGo Edge, Enmapp relied on all-in-one GPS handheld devices, but became convinced the cost, features and performance were increasingly out of line with the mobile revolution fueled by Apple and Android solutions. After an extensive evaluation, Enmapp selected TerraGo Edge and Eos Arrow 100 receiver for a field trial so they could compare their performance against the GPS handhelds.

Source: CBS