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Energy potential of Australian territory assessed

Australia: A new report released by Geoscience Australia provides an insight into the potential for mineral deposits and energy systems in the southern Northern Territory.

The potential for the presence of uranium and geothermal energy systems within the southern Northern Territory was assessed by the researchers. Four uranium mineral systems were considered: sandstone-hosted, uranium-rich iron oxide-copper-gold, unconformity-related and magmatic-related. The analysis for uranium systems was undertaken in a 2D, GIS-based environment and employed a mineral systems approach.

The analysis has identified a region of iron oxide-copper-gold potential, which is being actively explored and has potential as a future mineral province. It also revealed that there is potential for geothermal energy across the assessment area.

The report is an assessment of energy and mineral systems in the region based on existing data and mineral systems models which consider issues such as the source of metals and fluids and where uranium and other metals may have been deposited.

Source: GA