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Encraft to develop online wind site assessment tool

US: Micro-generation specialist Encraft is heading up the UK side of a USD 500,000 transatlantic project to develop a web-based small wind site assessment tool for the US Department of Energy.

US Partners include overall project leader’s Cadmus Group, the California Wind Energy Collaborative (CWEC), and the National Wind Technology Centre (NWTC). The US consortium will design the platform for the tool, as well as provide content.

Using GIS data provided by NWTC and the algorithms developed by project partners, the new customisable wind site assessment tool will provide details on average wind speed, the spread of wind throughout the year, wind direction and the economics of installing a wind turbine at a given site, including projected energy output.

The new tool will account for terrain and local obstructions to predict the annual energy output of a potential small wind turbine site, providing individuals and businesses with information on payback from turbines up to around 100kW in size.

Users can choose one of 20 different turbine types and map out surrounding obstacles, in order to get the most accurate readings.

“The new wind site assessment tool is focused on providing information for those looking to install turbines up to 100kW in size, making it ideal for those looking to reduce utility costs and their environmental impact,” said Encraft Project Manager Helen Brown.

Source: Click Green