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Encom Technology and Meridian GIS announce merger

David Pratt, Managing Director of Encom Technology and Rob Healy, Managing Director of Perth-based Meridian GIS have announced their intention to merge the two companies. Completion of the merger is expected by the end of March with the merged company to be known as Encom, rather than Encom Technology.

Encom has its head office in Sydney, a sales, support and development office in Melbourne and a sales and support office in London. Encom Europe will soon move its office from London to Windsor.

David Pratt says “Our clients will be the major beneficiaries of the merger through the integration of Encom’s software applications with Meridian’s Compass Enterprise data management solution. The explosion in private and public data availability and the diversity of data models covering GIS, images, grids, 3D objects, drilling and spatial documents has created a difficult task for geospatial data managers. The merger of our technologies and our understanding of diverse industry formats will allow software applications to immediately access spatial data and objects anywhere in the network. This capability is expected to deliver productivity increases in the order of 20 to 40% through fast, simple access to all spatial documents needed for the management of exploration and development programs. At a time of stretched manpower resources, this will be a welcome saving for many companies.”