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Encom releases ModelVision Pro 8.0

Australia, 15 May 2007: Encom has announced the advances made to its magnetic and gravity interpretation product, ModelVision Pro, with the release of version 8.0.

ModelVision Pro is designed to help geophysicists extract geological information from their organisation’s investments in conventional and magnetic and gravity surveys. ModelVision Pro can simulate, visualise, model and invert data from surveys like the Falcon airborne gravity gradiometer, Bell Geospace full tensor gravity gradiometer, Squid full tensor magnetometer, horizontal gradient magnetometers and ground surveys.

This latest release contains a new method for interactive mapping technique that allows the user to dynamically switch between total magnetic intensity and first vertical derivative methods for precision location of depth and geological boundaries at the basement surface. Unlike pure automated methods, this user-guided geological interpretation procedure allows the geophysicist to produce useful geological information as well as precision depth estimates. The first vertical derivate option has also been implemented in the advanced 3D inversion engine.

Geological Maps created with ArcGIS and MapInfo softwares can be combined with digital terrain grids and converted directly to compressed, faceted 3D geological models for use in advanced exploration problems. These models can be applied to multiple problems such as variable terrain density corrections for airborne gravity gradiometer surveys, geological constraints for UBC GRAV3D and MAG3D inversions, target detection analysis in difficult terrains, survey simulation in complex environments and bulk physical property analysis.

ModelVision Pro functions have been extended in areas such as UBC model mesh building, file format support, grid manipulation utilities and live integration with the new Encom PA Explorer 3D visualisation environment.