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Encom PA 7.0 released

Sydney, Australia, December 05, 2007: Encom announces the release of its professional geophysical interpretation package Encom PA 7.0, along with a change in name, feature packaging and a free viewer. Encom PA was previously named Profile Analyst, but the product has matured well beyond its sophisticated airborne EM profiling origins.

Managing Director, David Pratt says that “the old name failed to express the product’s rich integrated, interactive environment that includes sophisticated image analysis and 3D object creation, editing and visualisation capabilities”.

Encom has focused on making this product easy to use by supporting the drag and drop of 2D and 3D objects into 2D maps and 3D views using automatic interpretation of industry standard data formats and model objects. Given that the product is designed to provide an interactive workplace for geophysicists, geologists, engineers and geochemists to share their data, models and ideas, the range of formats is very large and covers ground and airborne geophysical surveys, drillhole geology and geochemistry, mine models, geophysical models, remote sensing and GIS.

Encom has simplified the product packaging into three options: a fully featured professional version called PA Professional, a fully functional processing and visualisation system named PA Explorer and a free viewer called PA Viewer.

PA Explorer includes all visualisation modes for 1D and 2D mapping, 2D sections and 3D data, including an easy-to-drive 3D fly-through generator. It also includes a range of specialised filter modules, object builders and processing toolkits. PA Professional extends the capabilities with a full 3D object construction and editing environment, 3D voxel toolkit and advanced FFT GeoFilter module.

PA Viewer is freely distributable to colleagues and third parties and provides all the tools necessary to visualise, zoom, pan and print any PA Professional or PA Explorer project session file. This includes 1D, 2D and 3D modes with any number of active windows. Layers can be turned on or off to highlight specific features. Fly-through flight paths can also be activated in 3D mode.

David Pratt believes that this release of Encom PA is the tool that turns exploration into reality by providing a powerful decision making environment that enforces an objective discipline on geoscientists when deciding on the location of the next drilling program. After all, drilling is what exploration is all about.

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