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Encom extends 3D environment for Geoscientists working with MapInfo Professional

03 April 2007: Encom, a provider of software, data management and advanced technical consulting for the geosciences has released Discover 3D 2.5. The latest release of Encom Discover 3D for MapInfo Professional, delivers geoscientists an updated range of productivity tools and enriched interactive 3D display capabilities. Discover 3D provides tools for interactive analysis of drillholes, trenches, profiles, mine models, terrain, geochemistry, geophysical models, topography and geological sections directly linked to a user’s GIS work environment.

Visualization enhancements include 3D performance, transparency management, volume clipping, object selection and new data object links, Discover 3D creates and edit points, lines and polygons in 3D to add interpretive elements directly to the 3D volume. It uses these objects to create features such as 3D fault surfaces, interpretive geological surfaces, untested target volumes and resource outlines. The new voxel and block model handling is used to analyze multi-parameter geochemistry in the context of geological models and the original drillhole data. Dynamic slicing and isosurface colouring by geochemistry provides powerful tools for understanding 3D geological trends.

“Working in 3D changes the way you think about geological relationships and improves the quality of drilling decisions” said Dave Pratt, Managing Director, Encom. “Discover 3D is fully integrated with MapInfo Professional, provides direct support for many mine planning applications and gives the exploration geologist the flexibility to do what they do best – search for the next world class deposit”.