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EmerGeo software ready to serve UAE

Vancouver, Canada: EmerGeo Solutions Worldwide Inc.- provider of emergency management software and consulting services, has successfully deployed EmerGeo Fusionpoint with the Indagon TETRA Positioning Gateway  system. This system was a collaborative effort with Atlas Telecom, and will be initially deployed in the United Arab Emirates.

“With this solution, EmerGeo and Atlas have the option to offer public safety and emergency management clients an integrated resource tracking capability that leverages their existing investment in TETRA networks,” said Michael Morrow, President at EmerGeo.

Location based services (LBS), often referred to as Automated Vehicle Location “AVL” or Automated Person Location “APL”, is the most commonly used service by TETRA end user organisations. Leveraging a common TETRA network that links multiple public safety and crisis management agencies together is a cost-effective deployment model.

According to IDV’s press release, there are several ways to implement LBS. The most commonly used positioning method is satellite GPS-based location calculation. Using this method and internal or external GPS receiver is connected to the TETRA terminal that calculates the unit location and sends it to the AVL application via TETRA SDS message.

The Indagon TETRA Positioning Gateway (TGW) is designed as a centralised, robust and scalable operator based positioning platform which is able to locate a high number of TETRA terminals based on GPS location and distribute the location data to EmerGeo’s crisis management fusion and mapping applications over the open MLP interface.

Source: EmerGeo