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EmerGeo Mapping supports Victoria Police

Australia: In readiness for the 2009 bush fire season, Victoria Police implemented a crisis information management system, PEEC (Police Emergency and Event Command). It was developed by combining two leading EM software products: WebEOC internet-based emergency incident management software and EmerGeo GIS emergency mapping technology.

Commander Henry believes that it has the potential to become a core business system for Victoria Police. It allows officials within the State Operations Centre (SOC) to collect, organise, analyse, and report on incident data during planned and unplanned emergencies. Most importantly, PEEC brings consistency and timeliness to the data that Victoria Police use to manage their response to events, Henry explains.

WebEOC is produced by ESi in the US and distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Critchlow Limited. EmerGeo is produced in Canada by EmerGeo Inc and supported in Australia by Spatial Vision.

Source: Spatial Vision