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emapsite offers free Ordnance Survey maps

UK: emapsite, a leading supplier of hosted mapping content for professional users, launched a new service at www.emapsite.com/mapshop. It lets individuals and businesses to order and download extracts of OS OpenData products. The launch follows a widely anticipated government announcement opening up some of Ordnance Survey’s digital mapping data sets to unlimited usage.

The service provides a solution to all those users hungry for the data sets but facing the challenge of easily selecting and obtaining the information required for their area of interest. The key data sets include the boundary ‘reference geography’ OS Boundary Line. This is one of the frameworks by which citizens, hackers, government, enterprise and the third sector can aggregate and analyse the ever increasing volumes of other data such as that from www.data.gov.uk.

The terrain data set OS Landform PANORAMA, which is available from emapsite as contours and grids, is used by renewable energy and other enterprises to understand landscape at a useful scale.

Other datasets included in the OS OpenData portfolio from emapsite are OS MiniScale (a small scale backdrop map), OS 1:250 000 scale colour raster (a backdrop map with more detail), OS StreetView (1:10000 scale street mapping with building blocks and most street names), Meridian-2 (1:50 000 scale vector map base used for creating different versions – styles, content, themes – of established paper map series and for filling in OpenStreetMap), and Strategi (1:250 000 scale vector map base, also useful for creating new versions of established map series).

James Cutler, CEO at emapsite, said: “As a partner of Ordnance Survey for more than 10 years, we are experts in adding value to its data for customers in different sectors. We applaud the government’s announcement and look forward to contributing to an explosion of map based ‘applications that use these frameworks to educate and inform people.”

Source: emapsite