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Elektrodistribucija Beograd to introduce AED-SICAD

Belgrade/Munich: Elektrodistribucija Beograd (EDB), the power distribution company of Belgrade will introduce the GIS standard application for utilities ArcFM UT by AED-SICAD as their enterprise GIS.

The Serbian capital Belgrade (the Republic of Serbia has been part of the former Yugoslavia, which is now split up into six independent states) has over 1.5 million inhabitants. Its energy distributor EDB is one of the largest utility companies in Europe’s South-East with some 1,700 employees, serving more than 735,000 customers/service points.

The new EDB GIS is going to integrate the three existing independent information systems all along with technical documentation consisting of maps, surveying data, field sketches, notes, etc. An important part is the AED-SICAD GIS Portal, which will allow easy Intranet/Internet access throughout the company, providing data and services within a standard Internet browser.

The project is scheduled to last over a year and cover the adaptation of the EDB data model, migration of existing data, customization of the user interface, development of new functions and, last but not least, the implementation of ArcFM UT Web. During all phases, the project will be supported by AED-SICAD in cooperation with Livona d.o.o., AED-SICAD’s Business Partner for Serbia.

Miladin Tanaskoviæ, EDB General Manager Advisor and Project Manager commented: “Based on ESRI’s ArcGIS technology as an industrial standard, ArcFM UT provides a set of functions and services, which allow us to integrate all our data, raise the speed and level of information exchange throughout the company, provide opportunities for better information and document management, improve decision making and provide a wider range of services to our customers. In short, ArcFM UT supports us in making the important step from the former CAD system to a powerful GIS, thus reaching proper European standards in our daily business.”

AED-SICAD Aktiengesellschaft (AED-SICAD), Bonn/Munich, Germany, is amongst the leading GIS application house in Europe, offering standard applications and tailor-made solutions. Its portfolio comprises high-end geo-information systems for the key segments cadastre, land management, utilities and local government.