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EIGS exchange to highlight Mississippi

The Enterprise for Innovative Geospatial Solutions (EIGS) has announced that the first ever EIGS Exchange will be held on August 30, 2005, in Jackson, Mississippi, U.S. Congressman Chip Pickering will serve as the honorary chair for the event, which is designed to highlight groundbreaking technologies from the geospatial technology industry and to examine the evolving needs of federal, state and local governments. EIGS Exchange will provide an opportunity to learn more about the innovative products and services from Mississippi’s geospatial industry cluster and to hear about the latest developments at the local, state, and federal level.

The Enterprise for Innovative Geospatial Solutions (EIGS) is focused on supporting geospatial technology research and business development with the primary mission of growing the research-based, world-class geospatial technology industry in Mississippi. EIGS is a cluster of 6 university research programs, 36 private companies, 4 state agencies, and 7 complementary partner programs working together to research, develop, and market new geospatial technology products from Mississippi.