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Egyptian satellite to monitor construction of Ethiopian dam

Egypt: Egyptian authorities will monitor the construction of Ethiopian Renaissance dam through a recently launched satellite Egysat.

Alaa El Din El Nahry, vice president of the Office for Space Science and Remote Sensing, said the satellite, the cost of which was 300 million Egyptian pounds (some $43 million USD), was launched two weeks ago and the information provided by it will outline negotiations with Ethiopia.
The Ethiopian hydroelectric dam is one of the main conflicts between Egypt, which fears a decreased flow of the Nile river, and Ethiopia, which claims its right to use the waters of the Nile river across its territory. The satellite will not only track the dam but it will also monitor the Kongo River basin to assess the effectiveness of a proposed project to link the Kongo and Nile rivers
Disagreements between the two countries about the dam will be one of the first problems to be faced by the Egyptian president elect in of May 26 and 27 elections.

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