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Egypt to set up GIS to combat poverty

Cairo, Egypt: Ministry of Health, National Population Council and Misr el-Khair, a charitable institution, in Egypt, signed a co-operation protocol for setting up a database and GIS for Egypt’s poorest villages, costing EGP 7.5 million (EGP: Egyptian Currency).
The project will create 2,000 jobs for young people, engaged in field research for making a digital map of the targeted villages. Sheikh Ali Gomaa, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, said that the project will cover 4,500 very poor villages in Upper Egypt.
“In the first stage of the project, 1,030 undeveloped villages in eight Upper Egyptian provinces have been selected,” the Grand Mufti explained, stressing that both Muslims and Christians will benefit. “The project aims at achieving development in poor Upper Egyptian villages on a scientific basis, in the light of the available technology. All the concerned partners, whether governmental authorities or NGOs, will be provided with the necessary data for development,” added Gomaa, Head of Misr el-Khair’s Council of Trustees.
The National Population Council [NPC], affiliated to the Ministry, was originally concerned only with family planning, but now it is concerned with drawing up a population map of Egypt, in order to improve life for Egyptian citizens, culturally, socially and economically, and also in terms of health. 
Source: The Egyptian Gazette