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Egypt indefinitely postpones launch of EgyptSat-2

Egypt: Egyptian National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS) Director Ayman Ad-Dosouqi has indefinitely postponed the scheduled 2013 launch of the MisrSat-2/EgyptSat-2 research satellite.

Neither NARSS gave any specific reason for the postponement nor Ad-Dosouqi announced new launch date. In a press statement, Ad-Dosouqi said 60 percent of EgyptSat-2’s hardware will be home-made. The new satellite will be designed according to the state-of-the-art and advanced space technology potentials. It will be equipped with highly advanced microscopic and photographing technologies coping with the development requirements in touristic [sic], population, agricultural and industrial fields.”

The satellite’s operator, Egyptsat, has remained relatively quiet in the market over the past year. In October 2010, the operator announced it had lost control of EgyptSat-1 after losing contact with the spacecraft three months earlier.

Source: www.satellitetoday.com