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efiniti mobile Set to increase Grant County’s Emergency Response Time

Nov. 19, 2002–Grant County has purchased efiniti mobile, developed by Indianapolis-based Plexis Group, LLC as a way for sheriff deputies to utilize GIS when responding to emergencies within the county.

According to David Glickfield, Grant County commissioner, “efiniti mobile is going to be a huge asset to Grant County dispatchers.” Glickfield says, “When sheriff’s deputies go into areas that they are unsure of, a dispatcher is going to be able to instantaneously pull up a map on their computer and give them a very accurate description of where they need to be.” Immediate map access also allows for improved response time. Glickfield added, “Instant mapping availability is going to allow our deputies to respond to emergencies faster and that’s good for our citizens.”

Grant County has also signed an agreement to purchase digital orthophotography services from Plexis Group, a move that will also benefit Grant County residents. According to Glickfield, “We are in the process of updating the resolution of our digital maps. Obviously this will provide a huge benefit to our dispatchers. Improving the resolution of the maps, will allow our dispatchers to give our deputies more accurate directions.”

Soon access to the maps with better resolution will also be granted to the public. According to Glickfield “that’s a benefit for everyone.” “When residents are buying and selling homes, they will have a clear, aerial view of their property lines. It will also make the jobs of realtors, title companies, utilities and banks much easier.”

Grant County plans to update the incorporated maps to 6 inch resolution and the unincorporated to 12 inches.