Educational project to highlight socio-cultural risks

Educational project to highlight socio-cultural risks


Caracas, Venezuela: A GIS-based project “Educational Campaign: Community-school to mitigate the socio-cultural risks associated with river basins Osorio and Blue Stone, edo. Vargas,” was produced by a team of researchers and teachers from Venezuela. It aims to prevent and mitigate measures arising from the environmental dynamics of rivers and Blue Stone Osorio Vargas state.

The implementation of this research is part of the support of the Ministry of Popular Power for Science, Technology and Industry Intermediate (MCTI), through the National Endowment for Science, Technology and Innovation (Fonacit), with the aim of raising awareness among citizens about natural hazards, socio-natural and technological risks, as part of policies designed by the National Government.

To carry out this study, Dr Yolanda Barrientos, coordinator of this project, along with his team, studied Osorio and Blue Stone river basins, in order to recommend prevention and mitigation measures under the school-community methodological approach.

The panel selected as pilot for this project comprises members from Sergio Maria Recagno UENB, Fernando Toro Elementary School, UENB Manuel Segundo Sanchez and Angel Falls College.

Source: avn