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Edgetech releases spell-checker for ArcGIS

USA: Edgetech America Inc. has released MapSpeller for ArcGIS, claimed to be the world’s first GIS spell-checker. It is the only geographically smart spell-checker (patent pending).

The ArcMap MapSpeller extension is for all ArcGIS Desktop users who want to avoid delays and costs of typos on their maps. It checks for, suggests corrections to, and corrects spelling errors in and around GIS maps using patent-pending processes.

GIS map layouts contain many different textual objects that could contain typographic errors. MapSpeller version 2.0 spell checks and corrects text in map and layout annotations, grouped graphics, legends (including layer names), scale bar and scale text objects directly, and other objects indirectly. Edgetech plans on adding support for additional textual objects such as tables, labels and geodatabase annotations in future releases.

MapSpeller version 2.0 comes with American-, British-, and Canadian-English dictionaries; lets users build their personal dictionaries and Locationaries. Edgetech has plans for adding multi-lingual support and other types of Locationaries in future versions.