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Edgetech releases MapSpeller for ArcGIS

Glen Allen, USA, 12 June 2007: Edgetech America, Inc. has released MapSpeller, a spell checker for ArcGIS Desktop users. MapSpeller quickly checks for, suggests corrections to, and corrects spelling errors in and around GIS maps using patent-pending processes.

The MapSpeller toolbar is delivered as an ArcGIS extension and is available for purchase in the U.S.A. at https://www.MapSpeller.com. Introductory pricing has been set between $80 and $150. Future versions of MapSpeller are expected to include multi-lingual capabilities for international users.

Edgetech America, Inc. is ESRI Business Partner founded in 1995. Over the years, Edgetech has been ranked among the Top 3 ESRI Authorized Instructors nationwide and Value-Added-Resellers in the ESRI-DC (Mid-Atlantic) area. It is also a provider of GIS analysis and programming services.