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Edge-Pro now official ERDAS APOLLO distributor in Egypt

Georgia, US: ERDAS announced that Edge-Pro for Information Systems is now the official distributor for the ERDAS APOLLO suite of products in Egypt. Edge-Pro, headquartered in Cairo, offers software solutions and services for GIS and remote sensing, emergency management information systems, fleet management systems and three-dimensional surface representation.

ERDAS APOLLO is a geospatial solution for managing and delivering imagery. It consistently delivers data, quicker, using less hardware than other image serving products. An interoperable OGC/ISO based solution, ERDAS APOLLO also easily delivers feature data, terrain and virtually any digital object in an enterprise. Available in three product tiers, ERDAS APOLLO suits a wide spectrum of organisations – from those needing a very low-cost, remarkably fast image server to organisations requiring a comprehensive data management system. It ensures quality performance even in the handling of the largest data archives.

Ahmed El Ghawaby, CEO, Edge-Pro for Information Systems, said, “By adding ERDAS APOLLO to our portfolio, our solutions can now include a premium data management and delivery product so our customers can organise and serve their data with unrivalled speed.”

Martin Ehrhardt, EMEA Vice President, ERDAS, said, “Since its establishment, Edge-Pro has garnered an impressive record of successful projects and is widely respected for its commitment to customers.”

Source: ERDAS