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EDGE Evolve launches DataAssist Spatial Module

South Africa: EDGE Evolve launched DataAssist Spatial Module, to bring relief to data critical businesses. It is a combination of the traditional business intelligence (BI) and GIS technology, allows users to make full use of visual tools to aid the user in decision making.

Now, customers across multiple industries can effectively synthesise detailed data into information and present this content in an understandable manner with DataAssist Spatial module. The solution picks up from where indigenous systems fail combining a lot of processes and modules making it a one-stop-solution for all businesses. The cost effective solution reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with deploying business intelligence reporting applications, while ensuring that these applications can continue to grow as business requirements change.

The modules’ interface enables the user to access spatial data and join the data to other non-spatial datasets and display the result on a map, cube and chart. The cube in DataAssist Spatial Module has a ‘pivot’ option that allows data to be viewed in different dimensions. The product has interlinked cubes and graph capabilities which link GIS data to the cube and chart. As the data automatically synchronises when updated it allows the simple upkeep of graphs. The filtering tools allow the user to extract data to allow precise reports. Furthermore spatial data can be displayed using a variety of options. Thematic mapping can be done using numeric ranges, text values or adding charts to your map. Labels, images and outlines can also be used to symbolise the data or to highlight areas of importance.

It allows the user to connect and draw reports from MS SQL and DB2 relational databases. The solution also enables the user to view, edit, sort and extract grids for tabular representation of data. It can then interlink these different tables from various data sources together to combine data for using in complex queries and reports.

As a result of the acquisitions of Cognos by IBM and Hyperion by Oracle and Business Objects by SAP, customers of these BI vendors have concerns about ongoing product support, product direction and migration efforts. EDGE Evolve provides a license replacement programme for them to ease their concerns and avoid the turmoil of the transition and migration that is resulting from the acquisitions of these vendors. This replacement programme, applicable only in Africa and India, is intended to ease the adoption of Edge Evolve’s DataAssist, lowering or eliminating the acquisition cost of DataAssist licenses. The DataAssist’s License Replacement offer is valid till July 31, 2010.

Source: EDGE Evolve